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Your guests will be transported to a galaxy far, far away!

Look out!

The Galactic Empire is spreading, even in Quebec!


Welcome to the Forteresse Imperiale Garrison.

We are a garrison of the 501st Legion, a worlwide costuming organization dedicated to Star Wars vilains!

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Who we are

The Forteresse Imperiale Garrison is part of the 501st Legion, a worlwide costuming organization. We are dedicated to screen accurate reproductions of Star Wars vilains costumes.


What we do

The Forteresse Imperiale Garrison is always looking for new opportunities to bring joy to old and young Star Wars enthusiasts. Our presence at events brings a breed of magic only found in a galaxy far, far away!


What we wear

We build our own costumes, which represents numerous hours of work and research, as we strive to make them as authentic as possible. Our members assist one another to facilitate their making and usage.

Become a member of the Imperial Forteresse

At the 501st Legion, we are the bad guys doing good! Wanna join our ranks? Here are the basics:


You must be 18 years old and own a screen accurate Star Wars vilain costume.

Choose a costume

We have extensive libraries of costumes to choose from, each with their own requirements.

Do some research

As a general rule, we make our costumes. Be sure to do plenty of research before starting your build.

Make your costume

We can help you get started. We even have "armor parties" were we help one another!

Apply for membership

Our staff will make sure that your costume follows our guidelines and that you look your best!

Start trooping!

You are now a proud servant of the Galactic Empire. Now go hunt those Rebel Scum!

Do your part. Join the Empire! Find out more

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